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Descubre Barcelona
Recorre las atracciones turísticas de Barcelona más interesantes
Experiencias y visitas temáticas
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Ve lo ordinario como algo extraordinario.
¡Barcelona, no es una… son muchas!
Cuál es la tuya?

There is something magical in that connection that is established when we get in love with a place such is Barcelona after a BCNsmartours experience!

The wealth of celebrations and traditions make Barcelona a special place, unique and inimitable!

Do you like to discover it with us?

There are many Barcelonas to explore. Which one is yours?

Experiences and theme visits.
Without haste and without technical limitations, our Barcelona tours and events are designed and produced in a friendly way, by licensed and expertise local guides.
A parenthesis to neurasthenic urban life!
Our featured Barcelona guided tours values historical facts, tradition, cultural and artistic heritage, as well as research, design and innovation, visiting the most interesting trends in tourism of Barcelona. With its own personality, every guided tour provides a great experience.
The interpretation of a qualified tour guide contributes to the exaltation!
Tkn!BCNsmartours offers the possibility of enjoying private tours in an absolute confident and relaxed atmosphere, supreme comfort, and innovative design. All our tours are focused on providing the high quality customer service.
The tour guide invites us to redirect our perceptive parameters!
Tkn!BCNsmartours allows to its customers to enjoy cultural activities of Barcelona. A gastronomic and leisure offer is complemented. We offer you a wide range of Barcelona Experiences, cultural and leisure opportunities.

At tkn! BCNsmartours, we invite you to build your own space-time parameter and see the ordinary as something extraordinary.

Do you want to let yourself be guided?

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Για δεύτερη φορά στην Βαρκελώνη και για δεύτερη φορά επέλεξα την Suzana για ξεναγό. Όταν είχα γυρίσει από το πρώτο μου ταξίδι στην Βαρκελώνη , μιλούσα συνεχώς για την καταπληκτική ξεναγό που είχα. Οπότε δεν υπήρχε περίπτωση να μην ξανασυναντήσουμε την Suzana να μας ξεναγήσει σε ό…
Por segunda vez en Barcelona, y por segunda vez escogí a Susana como guía! (en)